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For new times,

New behaviors.

We are the fastest-growing consultancy in Brazil in the field of project management, processes, and organizational changes. We align people, processes, and technology to generate transformation and results.

Explore SMR's E-books.

The 5 Essential Methodologies for Organizational Change Management

Explore the most effective methodologies for managing organizational changes, focusing on global practices and their applications in Brazil, in a concise guide for leaders and managers.

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The 7 Best Practices in Business Process Management (BPM)

This guide offers a deep dive into the seven most efficient practices in BPM, covering everything from AS IS mapping to TO BE process analysis and design, with a constant emphasis on value creation.


The 3 Central Mistakes in Transformation Projects and How to Avoid Them

In this guide, we explore the three most common and critical mistakes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation projects and how to avoid them. Learn from practical insights to ensure the success of your transformation projects by avoiding frequent pitfalls.

Your company has overcome challenges, but now faces unique growth complexities. SMR, a leader in process consulting and organizational changes, understands these nuances and is dedicated to being your strategic ally.

Our focus is to facilitate organizational transformation, combining proven methodology.

Our specialized team works to ensure your organization successfully navigates through changes and achieves exceptional results, optimizing processes and promoting effective restructuring. With SMR, your company is ready to thrive in today's competitive market.

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We boost your growth with advanced management methodology.

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